Barbed Wire Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Manish Fencing has been a part of the fence business for quite some time. Chain link is our forte, and you can count on exceptional service and a commitment to your satisfaction from us. Manish Fencing provides fences in many different designs to meet your requirements. We have that last a long time with little care. They are cheap and need little upkeep. Wire mesh fences are highly recommended for bigger areas due to their strength and durability. Our support staffs are the best. With this client, we have made a lifelong customer.

Any wire that serves as a physical barrier or barrier to other elements is considered fencing wire. These steel wires are formed and cut to specification to meet the needs of our varied clientele. Government facilities, international borders, roads and highways, farmlands, industries and factories, commercial and residential buildings, etc., all rely on our barriers for security.


Our 24,200-square-foot Barbed Wire Manufacturers in Ahmedabad production facility are equipped with state-of-the-art gear and the latest in cutting-edge technology. Galvanized, high-coated wire grade is a classified raw material that our trained staff employs to manufacture our products.

Manish Fence Services uses rigorous quality control techniques to ensure that all our customers are completely satisfied with our services. In addition, our staffs perform daily Inspections, supervised by veteran engineers, to guarantee the quality of our goods.

Our extensive distribution network reaches not just all of India but also the rest of the world. Our unique distribution system lets us ship items quickly and reliably to our clients.

Quality Control

At Manish Fence Works, we have always placed a premium on quality. We only utilize premium raw materials sourced from reliable suppliers in Ahmedabad for all our bull supplies, including steel, iron, or PVC coating. During manufacturing, the material and output are closely checked to guarantee they are suitable. In addition, we perform a battery of tests to guarantee the highest quality for our globally known customers.

Manish Fencing has been a part of the fence business for quite some time. Chain-link and wooden fences are our forte. Our Barbed Wire Fencing support staffs are the best, and we will do everything it takes to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. Regarding security fencing, we are the go-to company in Ahmedabad. Side Bend Wire Fencing, Concertina Coil Fencing, Simple Chain Link, PVC Coated Chain Link, and Angle Frame Chain Link are just a few of our wholesale fencing products. The supplied fence wires are well regarded for their exceptional performance in hot, humid, and damp environments and their superb mechanical qualities.

These wires are made from the highest quality metal alloys and may be purchased in lengths of 80-100 metres with a wide range of customization options for diameter and region of use. A group of highly trained experts is monitoring the quality of our goods.

Why Us

Regarding security fences in Ahmedabad, Manish Fencing Works is your best bet for design, supply, and installation. We have established a fully functional factory in the Greater Delhi Area. Using "Make in Ahmedabad" government incentives, we produce, supply, and export world-class items from India. We produce, design, coordinate, and install a wide range of safety equipment, including concertina coils, cables, and razor wire. Provide us with your specifications, and we will see they are met at a lower price and in less time.

We offer everything you need, whether for a classroom, factory, apartment block, farmland or anything else. The capital wire industries produce a wide variety of specialized items. Our wide selection of security fence solutions is offered at the most affordable rates without sacrificing quality. We provide further price cuts and additional value-added options for larger purchases.

Chain link fences manufactured by Manish Fence Works wire industries are adaptable and time-tested. For this product, we use galvanized or PVC-coated galvanized steel wire. The zigzag design will keep unwanted visitors out of your yard.

It is perfect for border fence use because it can be easily installed, especially on uneven ground. Not only is it reasonably priced, but it can also be tailored to your specific needs. Affordable chain link fences are available for every use, including industrial fencing, garden fencing, tennis court fencing, school fencing, residential fencing, and more.

Two Side Bend Barbed Wire

M.S Angle Size 35x5, 40x5, 40x6, 50x6 65x6, 75x6
G.I Wire Size 14x14, 12x14,
Height As Per Requiredment
Distance As Per Requiredment
S.P. Chain Link P.V.C Coated
Chain Link 2x10, 2x8, 2x12, 3x10, 3x8, 3x12, 4x10, 4x8

Barbed Wire Fencing in Ahmedabad | Manish Fencing


Barbed Wire Fencing in Ahmedabad | Manish Fencing


Barbed Wire Fencing in Ahmedabad | Manish Fencing


Barbed Wire Fencing in Ahmedabad | Manish Fencing




Barbed Wire Fencing in Ahmedabad | Manish Fencing

A Standard Fence is a type of fence that is composed of posts and wire or wood boards. Standard Fencing is a great way to keep animals in and unwanted animals out. Standard Fences are popular because they are inexpensive and are easy to install. A Standard Fence is often used to enclose animals. This type of fence is commonly used for horses, cows, sheep, and other livestock.


If you are looking for a fencing to install a standard fence for your farm, you should call us. Standard fences can be a great way to keep animals away from a farm and save crops from animals. The cost of standard fencing varies depending on the size of the area to be fenced, the type of material and installation.

Barbed Wire Fencing in Ahmedabad | Manish Fencing